Lessons for founders [video podcast]

Recently I was on a podcast called ‘Tales from the PROS.’ On this podcast, the host Michael Georgiou and I cover a few topics which founders and creatives may find useful.

I’ve highlighted those sections of the discussion below.

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The Highlights:

- 24 mins - 27 mins | Overcoming Identity Association + what to focus on as a founder to improve your team.

- 37 mins - 44 mins | My argument for retaining real world hands-on learning (as opposed to 100% digital), plus thoughts on environment and organization design.

- 46 mins - 50 mins | Struggles, the definition of suffering, and why mindset shifts are harder than skill acquisition for founders.

- 54 mins - 58 mins | Why faking your mission is dumb, and how to prioritize your aims in an authentic way.

- 59 mins - 62 mins | Honesty in fundraising and the most important values for founders to hold.

Hope you found something applicable to whatever issues you are dealing with at the moment.