My Favorite Podcast Episode of 2019

Hey, Sean here. Welcome to 2020.

This edition of The Seemingly Unrelated highlights my favorite podcast episode listen of 2019.

Episode: How to Get Rich | Naval Ravikant

Earlier this year, Silicon Valley “Philosopher King” Naval Ravikant published a tweetstorm condensing his wealth creation principles into digestible tidbits.

He turned this tweetstorm into a podcast, and that full episode was my favorite listen 2019.

For Naval, building wealth boils down to a few fundamental building blocks:

  • “Specific knowledge”

  • Accountability

  • Leverage

  • Judgement

  • Lifelong learning

  • Sustained hard work

In his framework, these building blocks compound together to determine the amount of wealth one will accrue over time.

While I encourage you to listening to the full episode, you can also read my summarization of the content below. Naval himself gave my summary a RT the other day, so it must be good.

Read my summary of the episode:

Synthesizing Naval Ravikant’s Tips On Wealth Creation

The best podcast of 2019 for me was Naval Ravikant’s Wealth Creation podcast (based on a tweetstorm). The advice he gives on building wealth overlaps with a few principles I’ve been learning the…

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